The painting process for me is one of discovery. I always look for a new challenge in approaching painting, pushing the limits of my comfort zone. This is why I enjoy creating landscapes as well as abstracts and working in various media. One feeds off of the other, opening doors to endless possibilities.

My approach is to be as spontaneous and intuitive as possible when initially laying down the paint. Then I let the painting guide me to the next step, refining the work as I go. There are times when I can work for hours at a time on a painting, and other times when I put down one stroke and wait for the next inspiration. For this reason, I work on several paintings at the same time.

A joyful aspect of the creative process, for me, is mixing colors. I love to explore color vibrations. Colors come alive by their placement next to another color. I explore unlikely color combinations to see if I can find a happy resolution.

My inspiration comes from the energy and perfection of nature. Travel to rich environments and cultures also influences my work. My work reflects a collection of remembered experiences, both of my outer and inner worlds. In the midst of image making, I feel that I am in the flow of a force greater then myself.